Sunday, November 28, 2021

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    Management Development

    Management Development Program (MDP) is a program for energic, creative and inovative fresh graduate. In this program, potential young talents will be attend in class training, on job training and improvement project to shape you into successful future leader with business insights, be competent and tough.

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    Career Opportunity

    PT Mega Central Finance dan PT Mega Auto Finance is seeking potential individual to be part of one of leasing company in Indonesia. We invite you to thrive together and brings better change for Indonesia. We give you opportunity to pursue a career, enrich your self potential and talents with choice of various job fields in all around country.

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"You dont have to be great to start, but you must start to be great people."

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  • "Many things I learned & experienced for 10 years working at MAF MCF. Faithfully working and continuing be dilligent, I achieved carrer improvement step by step to become the Area Manager. The company is truly objective in valuing the employee based on perfomance rather than interests. I am happy and enjoying my job all this time even I have encountered some obstacles and pressure, it made us to be tenacity and smart in dealing many crisis. I'm also happy because of support from my boss and a team thats want to work well"  -

    Ramadhani Darmawan, R2 Operation Area Manager Sumut

  • "I get a lot of knowledge and experience in this company, we are taught the value of life, value of honesty, hard work and creativity to be able compete with other multifinance company that are increasingly competitive. We are considered as a family, the superior from Head Office give us  direction and motivation to always be the best and mindset  that target is not to be achieved but to be surpassed. Hopefully MCF MAF in the future will grow properously and provide many welfare benefits for all its employees. Keep it up!" -

    Dhoni Roma, R2 Operation Area Manager Jawa Timur

  • "My impression of working at the MCF MAF for almost 7 years is company provide the employee  comfortable working environment and atmosphere,  feeling like close friend between colleagues and superiors, so going to work is not a burden but a motivation to work well and enthusiastically." -

    Lonard, Quality Control KPM Specialist